About Us

Ross Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer

Ross is our resident Renaissance man. The son of a librarian and a small businessman, he graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Business. During his time as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Trailblazer foods, the company grew four times and was named Small Business of the Year in Oregon. Ross went on to open Sticks&stoneS, a picture framing studio and gallery. With his background, opening the doors of Arnica seemed like the next logical move. He currently lives in Portland’s Eastmoreland neighborhood with his partner in life, Diane, and his sons Will and Kayshawn. Aside from coaching little league, he is active in his church as well as many community and non-profit organizations.

Fun Fact: Ross has “the best moustache at Arnica,” according to a recent company poll.

Gloria Gonzalez

The “mom” figure in our little village of creativity, Gloria specializes in getting stuff done and nagging those around her until they make her happy and get stuff their done as well. She is a native of Calimontegon (a mythological town that lies in the somewhat uncharted rural area between the borders of California, Montana and Oregon) and came to Arnica with nearly a decade of experience as a managing editor. Prior to that, Gloria co-founded, organized, and directed two non-profit organizations. She also acted as Director of Research for SOS Ministries, and was Editor-in-Chief for two regionally distributed newsletters. Gloria’s passions include cooking, reading, watching movies and spending time with her three grown children and her grandbabies.
Fun Fact: Gloria has “the second best moustache at Arnica,” according to a recent company poll.

Aimee Genter
Creative Director

Aimee is a publishing triple threat: editor, designer, marketer. It’s a common occurrence to find her writing/editing, up to her elbows in photographs and design samples, surrounded by the marketing team. Born and raised in the frozen tundra that is St. Paul, Minnesota, Aimee was very happy to trade the snow for the rain when she moved to Portland six years ago. A graduate of the Art Institute of Minnesota, Aimee spent a handful of years working at an advertising and publishing firm before making the great trek to the Northwest and joining up with Arnica.
Fun Fact: Aimee is a low-stakes poker shark.

Rachael Turner

A native of Montana, Rachael has lived in Oregon for the last 22 years. She is a media guru and is known across the land for her skills in gaining media exposure. When Rachael was 16 years old, she was the youngest McDonald’s manager in the state of Oregon and received “Manager of the Year” award. She spends her free time taking long walks with her husband Troy, and their three pit bulls: Joker, Shelby and Kona.
Fun Fact: Rachael is fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Jacob Hogg
Systems Administrator, Sales & Marketing

Jacob is a retired Navy helicopter electrician, born in Concord, Massachusetts, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. After settling down in Portland, he joined Arnica as a Systems Administrator and has become surprisingly comfortable with his secondary role on the sales and marketing team. His hobbies include snowboarding, water skiing, and all sorts of activities with his son Zach and wife Janel.
Fun Fact: Jacob’s office nickname is Princess Dazzling Star.

Sam Boush

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Sam spent several years living in France and Spain. A graduate with honors from Oregon State University, he worked as a firefighter and journalist before coming to Arnica. Besides a consuming interest in books, business, and community affairs, nothing makes him happier than working on his house or hanging out with his family and friends.
Fun Fact: His twin brother, Jon, is currently living in Tunisia.

George Mandis
Sales, Marketing & Administration
Foreign-born non-foreigner hailing from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, George was a world traveler by the age of two, but can’t remember any of it. Not a lick. No, wait – he says he remembers lying on his back, on the strange, terracotta-hued shag carpet, staring at the ceiling. He says he often has flashbacks to this moment at work. Hmm… George is the rare, triple threat combination of jazz guitarist, Scrabble juggernaut and open-source enthusiast. Though all of those skills and interests certainly contributed to him landing his job at Arnica, one stood out above them all: He types 100wpm. Give or take a few. He looks forward to someday entering Peace Corps., running a marathon, and making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Fun fact: George saves money on pillows by letting his hair grow out.

Mattie Ivy
Sales, Marketing & Administration
Raised in the sunshine of Denver, Mattie is a recent transplant to the gray of Oregon. She’s lived in Europe and South America, as well as California, Massachusetts, and New York. A passion for all things literary – and a degree in English from Bard College – led her to Arnica.

Fun Fact: Mattie lived in Brazil for a year as a 16-year-old exchange student.

Troy Turner
Shipping & Receiving
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Troy is the muscle behind Arnica. His official title is shipping and receiving, but really he does all the dirty work. His hobbies include mountain bike riding and enjoying the company of his lovely wife Rachael.

Fun Fact: In the past year Troy has owned 7 cars and never driven any of them.